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Higher Impact Partnership

Taking the Gospel to all Nations is our collective responsibility. Become a Higher Impact Partner with Dr. Isaiah Wealth today in spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to all the nations of the earth by sponsoring missionaries around the world.

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Why HIP Exist?

Higher Impact Partnership is a funding system for Isaiah Wealth Ministries (IWM) . IWM is not a church but a mandate to take the gospel to all the nations of the earth. According to the words of this commission, we are sent to build the world's largest soul winning outfit. A system that is automated and structured to teach all nations, language and tribe. At IWM we know that the harvest is ripe and we are the labourers. This is why reaping the harvest of the earth is the culture that comes into play in all our endeavours. By R.E.A.P, which is our goal, we Reach, Equip, Alleviate and Plant.



We reach people all over the world through crusades and several outreach programs and our various online platforms.



We train and equip church leaders and church workers with resources that enable them to witness for Christ all around the nations of the world in different languages, among different people and tribes.



Through TIWI, The Isaiah Wealth Initiative, we run several initiatives that help to alleviate the needs of the less privileged in society. This includes Lifted, Trusted Friends, Barnabas, Love Make Over, Father's Orphanage, City Inner Missions, and the PaulSilas Foundation.



Plant churches and furnish them. We have planted over 100 churches and fellowships in different continents. We are positioning our Church planting network to reach every city with Bible believing Churches.


If IWM is not a church and does not receive tithes and offerings as regular churches do. How then are these activities funded? The answer is Higher Impact Partnership.

HIP funds all of the R.E.A.P operations. Through our network of churches that provides coverings for the para-church activities, the ministry has the interest and the trust of many who are standing by Dr. Wealth every month as Higher Impact Partners. This Partnership is operated by the Higher Impact Vision; a team of professionals who have the Gospel of Jesus christ as their life priority. These also are the founders of the Higher impact Club (HIC), a club with the vision to empower believers in career, business and politics in view of Gospel expansion.

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