About Higher Impact Vision

With this great understanding of the need and purpose for partnership, we have set up an outfit known as HIGHER IMPACT VISION, motivated by the Great Commission to IMPACT THE WORLD by providing support for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are partners of Dr. Michael Isaiah Wealth in taking the Gospel to all the Nations of the earth, and we believe that impact can be boosted by your financial input. Becoming a part of Higher Impact Vision would give you the opportunity to IMPACT YOUR WORLD FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME THROUGH PARTNERSHIP.

Higher Impact Partnership (HIP) involves setting aside a particular pre-determined amount of money every month to support the expansion of God’s Kingdom into new territories around the world. Your HIP vow, when remitted, makes it possible for more lives to be touched around the world as they receive salvation, healing, deliverance and helps through the ministry of Dr. Isaiah Wealth.

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Kingdom Advancement

Becoming a partner affords you the opportunity of reaching the un-reached parts of the world with the Gospel.

Help's Ministry

As a partner, you participate in helping the poor, needy and destitute in the society, fulfilling the Master’s command!

Raising Labourers

Raising Labourers for the harvest field is a divine strategy to reach the world! You make this possible as a partner.


Becoming a partner is an opportunity for investing your money in global evangelism and in fulfillment of the will of Christ. There are several partnership levels. We advise you to prayerfully select a category while signing up. Signup Today!


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