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Dr. Isaiah Wealth

THE MINISTRY of Dr. Isaiah Wealth is one of the fastest growing ministries in this part of the world, seeing many revivals which have lead to Gospel expansion in West Africa, South Africa and some part of Europe and North America.

Global Impact

Like never before, this ministry is touching lives and making impact for the Kingdom of God, and by PARTNERING, you can ride on the wings of these exploits, having the opportunity to make global impact right from the comfort of your home.

Five-Fold Ministry

The Ministry of Dr. Isaiah Wealth is characterized by mass salvation, instant healings, deliverance, supernatural financial blessings and changed lives. The Ministry is based on the unique Call of God to give witness of the true Gospel to all Nations in love and with Great signs, with Matthew 14:24 as the scriptural motivation. As a Revelatory Prophet, he teaches the Word of God with much clarity, transporting God's people into the Will of God through understanding. His meetings are also characterized with the supernatural manifestation of gold dust, which he calls the Golden Glory.

Join Dr. Isaiah Wealth

BY PARTNERING with the ministry of Dr. Isaiah Wealth therefore, you would be joining several other Higher Impact Partners around the world to reach the Nations of the world with the Gospel of Christ, bringing salvation, healing, deliverance, total transformation and all round success to millions around the world through your giving.

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